Thursday, 29 September 2011

Semester Break :(

Exams finally over after 10 days of crucial pain and hardwork ! I'm so happy but wait I'm gonna head back home after this and I'll be leaving behind the most valuable part of my life, MYFRIENDS Intan and Syaza :(
I'll miss you guys from the bottom of my heart ! Thanks for being there for me 24/7 !! Melayan semua kerenah and perasaan aku :) Balik nanti aku mesti rindu nak teman Intan pergi toilet every night and gaduh dengan kau Syaza setiap hari pasal benda yang tak masuk akal kan ? Hahahahh
I'll miss every moment we spent together. Makan, mandi, keluar, tidur, gaduh, nangis, gelak semua aku buat dengan korang selama 4 bulan lebih ni. Entah la macam mana lepas nie kan ?
I'LL MISS YOU GUYS AND I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH !!! Jangan lupa kat aku tau. Okay tulis blog ni pun sebenarnya nak kena nangis ke ?
Untunglah boleh nangis sorang2 dalam bilik ni kan ? AWKWARD - AWKWARD !!

Miss you guys :) ,

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Haha exam today was like pfft ~ Memang dah pukul 4 lebih la baru Intan nak aku dengan Syaza ajak pergi Midvalley ?
But apa pun it was fun sebab we spent at least a few hours kat dalam bas untuk nak ke Midvalley. Reached at approximately 8 o'clock. Okay teman Intan buat segala yang dia nak buat then memang terbaik tunggu bas then bila dah ada bas memang dah terlalu lambat la kan? Haha but however the journey back to Shah Alam, we had to stand all the way back. But anyways, I had fun, dapat release la jugak tension dengan segala stress. :)

Monday, 26 September 2011

First Time. Weee ~

Today I had no exams. MyBabyBoo ajak jumpa so yeayyyy :D Hahahh happy sangat sebab this is the first time we're seeing each other face to face. Okay dia datang dalam pukul 12 lebih then we went to Section 7 Shah Alam. Duduk lepak and minum. Dia bawak kawan. Although, I was having bad food poisoning but to be with him is like AMAZING !!! First time tengok dia, ARRGGHHHHH CAIRLAH AKU MACAM NI !! We started talking, we smiled at each other, then I got to know a few things about him. HE SMOKES ! Hmm but never mind. Okay dia kata saya COMEL ! sumpah bestnya ! Haha I had to admit that he has the best looking eyes in the whole wide world. Such a gentleman actually because he bought me panadol for my fever and he actually cared for me. He had this sense of responsibility and possessiveness towards me which I really adore! I am not well here and he is feeling restless there at work. What more can I ask for myself? After he sent me back to my hostel I texted him saying thank you, he replied with a laugh and then he said HE MISSES ME. This is the BEST day of my life and I won't exchange it for any other events in my life !

Love You ,

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Weeeeee ~

Hate me or mock me. I still won't change my mind about you. You were, is and will still be my BABE FOR LIFE until the day I die. Eventhough you're not admitting that you love me too but I still don't care. Kita kawan bukan untuk tinggalkan kawan tu bila2 masa yang kita suka okay. Tak kisahla perangai buruk macam mana pun still takde sape boleh ganti your place in my heart. You're not my sister, not my friend, neither you're my bestest friend. Then who are you actually in my life ? You're the most amazing thing that has happened to me in 18 years I've lived. You're actually my LIFE and I won't ever forget everything you have done for me :D



Okay exams are great until it gets difficult. Duhh of course. Well after my computer exam, I felt like killing myself. SUSAHNYA!! but anyways me and my darlings buat plan pergi KL to loosen up a little bit after all the stress we went through *yeah right*. At 4 we left Shah Alam and reached there at 6. We went to Pavilion, had dinner at Pizza Hut and wanted to go for a movie. ESOK ADA EXAM TAK RETI NAK BALIK KE? HAHAHAHAH so we skipped the plan to watch movies and headed home. Tunggu bas sumpah lama gila, approximately 45 minutes untuk bas U80. And the most AMAZING thing is when the bus arrived, it was freaking full and we had to stand from KL Sentral to Shah Alam. Hehe reached here at 11. Thank God we reached in time before the gate closed :D Whatever and however it was I had fun with MY BESTEST FRIENDS EVER IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, THANKS GUYS. You guys are the best of friends anyone can have or ask for.


Friday, 23 September 2011


It hurts me the most when the person I love the most hurts my feelings. You being unfaithful to me hurts me but it does not compare to the pain I feel when you start ignoring me. After all that I've done for you and our relationship, the sacrifices I made, the tears I shed, the pain I went through alone just to make sure nothing happens to our relationship but I guess that is just not enough for you right ? It annoys me to think that you actually loved me. Well I should have listened to everyone when I was asked to wake up and get back to reality. You've shattered all that has left in me and left no space for recovery in myself. You were my life, my happiness and my everything. I've not stopped loving you, I still love you the most, its just that I've stopped believing in you.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Help Me Please :(

Okay post ni sangat pendek. I just want to say that I miss my old life back. I know I can't turn back the time nor can I change anything right now but I know I can change my future by changing myself right now !
When will I change? There's really no motivation for m e to change but I guess some people do change according to time and age. RIGHT ? I hope so.
I just need some time to think about everything and I hope everyone understands me :)

Need help ,