Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Ur My Dear..

Jangan kau berani cakap yang kau nak makan satu papan panadol lagi!!! Or cakap yang kau nak lari!!! Walau ada pape pun,still remember yang I still sayang gile kat you even if kadang-kadang you macam sakai.. I still love you the way you are.. Kalau orang lain don't understand you then stil remember that I do understand you!! Kalau ada yang judge you yang bukan-bukan then remember that I'll never judge you.. Don't be afraid of the world as I would always be by your side helping you.. Promise me that you'll always be by my side and I will surely try to always be there when you need me.. remember that you wwill have me with you through out your life,being your utmost loyal friend.. I know sometimes I can be very annoying,sarcastic and posessive towards you but I know only you can tolerate me that much.. I LOVE YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART !!!!!!!! SyafinazRauf

Love ya forever !!

Monday, 6 June 2011


I MISS you so much!! No matter how much I say that I HATE you but in the end you're STILL the one I think about!! I'm SORRY if I've ever hurt you which I think I never did but I don't get why you're NOT TALKING to me? I have this weird and mixed feelings towards you.. I perasan yang this always happens.. First after a long time you come and meet me then we get very close and you give me HOPE then after a sudden you will make me HATE YOU.. I would be CURSING you all the time.. Then we'll IGNORE each other for a while then you would CHANGE your phone NUMBER and then you would come and meet me again then it will REPEAT until the day we die!! I don't want it to repeat again.. I don't want you giving me HARAPAN PALSU!! JUJUR LA, at least I know APA dalam HATI you.. I tak suka la DIPERBODOHKAN macam ni!!! SKRANG I JUJUR yang I LOVE you so MUCH !!

Yours Always,

Saturday, 4 June 2011

My Friends..

The day I met you was when we were so small..
Initially we were not close but later on it blossomed into a great friendship that we still have today..
You were with me most of the time.. Happy,sad and also heart felling moments,we shared it together..
We cried,laughed,screamed and had fun together..
I'll never forget what you did for me after the 6th of September 2010..
You never judged me neither did I..

The day I met you,I thought you were so childish but later on after knowing you I found out that you were the bestest friend I could ever have!!
You were there with me when HE pushed me and shouted at me..
You were with me when the other HE made me laugh n smile n you were still with me when the same HE BROKE my HEART!!
You were with me eventhough i disturbed you and teased you..
THANK YOU Syafinaz Rauf!!!


Sayang korang,


Hari ini rasanya hari yang tidak mengelirukan..
I think you're just not that heartbreaking I thought u would be..
Semalam aku jumpa kawan-kawan,memang rindu gile sampai aku lupa pasal kau..
Eventhough ada seorang kawan yang memang tengah marah dengan aku.buat bodoh dgn aku tapi semalam aku still happy sebab kawan aku tu senyum setelah dah berapa lama aku tak tengok dy senyum..
And most important aku jumpa kawan kesayanganku Syafinaz Rauf..Bestnya dapat jumpa kau ..
My parents,sister and brother... OH MY,am I excited seeing all of them..
At last I realised that YOU'RE NOT that IMPORTANT after all in MY LIFE!!


Thursday, 2 June 2011

A Brief Life

What is meant by life if no one knows who you are?
What is life if its not filled with cries and laughters?
What is life if you don't have a family to be by your side?
What is life if you don't have friends to share it with?
What is life if you don't care about others?
What is life if we think that there's no one better than us?
What is life if we're not humble?
What is life if you don't respect others and yourself?
What is life if one day you die without a sign?
I learnt that make yourself noticeable and share your life with others..
A HEALTHY LIFE is what you practise, BUT a BLISSFULL LIFE is what you are..

A Humble Typist,

You Jerk !!

I hate you so much!! How could you??
You pretended as though I'm invisible from your life?
I've known you for 3 years,how could you?
I've always been true towards my feeling for you but you've played with my feelings yet again..
You gave me hope and I dreamt of spending my life with you..
You spoilt everything.. Everything went down the drain.. I hate you for making me think that you loved me.. I hate for making me think that you actually cared for me.. I hate you for making me beleive that I was the one in your heart.. I hate you for making my life miserable because my life revolves around you.. I hate you more just because you make me love you so much despite me hating you!!