Wednesday, 4 January 2012

My Liife =)

Lamanya tak post kat blog ni. Dah bersawang agaknya. Well I've started my 2nd sem on the 20th of November. Now it the 4th of January so almost 2 bulan. Well sem 2 is challenging but hey who said anything was easy in this world right? Well masa sem break I fought dgn Intan and Syaza then baik balik lepas dah bukak sem. Tak penting pun kenapa gaduh asalkan at the end of the day we're still friends :) Life is going good. Btw I've got a new adik saudara :) Hee amazingnya ada adik yang sangat comel. Hope dah besar nanti dia ingat pasal aku. I've dealt with major break ups and fights, also endured amazing happiness in my life this past 3 months. Whatever it is azam tahun baru 2012 is I want to change for the better. Harap Allah memberkati hidup aku. AMIN :')


Your Truly =)